Lord Marin
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Lord Gideon Marin is a student currently taking up Multimedia Arts. His specialization is in sound design applied in film and video games. Lord has been a writer for several online publications such as En.Yibada, Venture Capital Post and Latino Post. He started his first gig as an SEO writer for Essays .ph along with other several ghostwriting jobs. Lord is now happily writing for Trinesty and covers mostly technology, health and science. In addition to his skills in sound design and music composition, Lord is also proficient in video editing. He has skills in visual effects and motion graphics. Lord also has a Pug named Prince, which he loves. He was also inspired to learn more about dogs as he also covers topics regarding man's best friend. Some of his time is also spent playing video games. He prefers first-person shooters and RPGs. Lord is also a big fan of both the Marvel and DC film and comic universes. He strongly believes The Flash is one of the most powerful superheroes.