Sally Bartlett
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Pen names: Sally Bartlett, Bella Rosa, Freddy Wynn, Blackie Hawk. Sally is a retired, senior citizen living in the Valley of the Sun, Arizona, USA. She has written five short stories as a ghost writer in the paranormal genre, has a biographical non-fictional e-book entitled "Mother of an Alcoholic", a novel entitled “Sex, Spice and Sisters” and has been published in a book of memoirs by women, entitled "TALES OF OUR LIVES - Fork in the Road: Award-Winning Stories from", all currently on the market on Since retirement from a 30 year career in Data Processing, and several entrepreneurial ventures, she has worked as a freelance writer on the internet since 2010 for several websites before becoming a regular contributor to exclusively in 2014, the first of a group of 3 news websites created by a London entrepreneur, Krzysztof Gil. She and Gil formed a partnership of writing, publishing, managing and distributing news via the websites to readers worldwide. One site specialized in technical, business and science current news, one covered entertainment and specialty niches and one site was devoted entirely to the world of animals. In 2016, Gil made the decision to close the 3 websites and create one new one to enfold all topics into one base. Sally has remained as managing editor and contributing writer for She lives with 3 cats, Romeo, Riff, and a newly rescued female kitten Raven in Mesa, Arizona. Sally enjoys reading, playing word games, following TV shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and genealogy. She also is lucky enough to live near family of two daughters and four grandchildren. Her only son died in 2010, and is the subject of 2 of her published works. Sally attended Highland Park High School, where she was on staff of the school newspaper, and William Rainey Harper College in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She majored in English, Journalism, Drama and Data Processing Technical. She has attended the 10th through 50th high school reunions, actively serving on the finding committee, and looks forward to the 60th. Her goal in life in general, is to be stress-free and happy, which includes writing and publishing. Sally writes both factual articles in many categories under various pen names but is happy to write personal opinion blogs on many subjects.